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Welcome to Supermercado Guerrero! We are a family-owned and operated business selling fresh fruit and vegetables for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing the freshest produce you can find at affordable prices! We have a wide selection of produce, including some hard-to-find items that you wouldn't find at big grocers.


Our bakery is proud to offer fresh-baked bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, pies, and desserts! All of our bakery items are made fresh on a daily basis and baked right here at Supermercado Guerrero.

Full International Supermarket

In a world full of flavor, there's so much to explore. Our international food store has ingredients and packaged foods, including snacks, candies, and noodles from around the world that will help you add some global flavor to your next meal!

Google Reviews

Customer Testimonails

Love the variety. Very popular store

Alyson Arevalo
Customer Testimonails

Friday's is the best time to go, because they serve hot food! The best chicken and tamales you will find in the four states!

Eric Still
Customer Testimonails

Great place for Hispanic cusine items. From snacks to ingredients they have almost all of it.

George Ueno
Customer Testimonails

Great selection of fresh produce, and dried herbs that are hard to find elsewhere. Tamarind to snack on and soursop tea anyone?

Miranda Putney
Customer Testimonails

Boyfriend and I love this place carna asada mmmmm

Bobbi Conlee
Customer Testimonails

Meets all of our " Hispanic products" needs! Lots of items we can not get any where else.. .friendly people.....and ALWAYS has good avocados!

Linda Saucedo
Customer Testimonails

Everything "hecho de mexico" have what you need!! Amazing and will come again :)

Goska Regalado
Customer Testimonails

Love this store.

Ramona Ferguson
Customer Testimonails

Is a place where you can find a 90%of the Spanish or Latino products

Erick R Hernandez
Customer Testimonails

They have everything!

Julie Wiest
Customer Testimonails

They are very kind and respectful to the people. It is the number 1 store of Carthage Missouri

Rigoberto Ayala